Responsible video adtech.

Performance, growth and responsibility are no longer incompatible. We are reconciling brands and digital video advertising by building, around our technology, an ecosystem of publishers and creators who want to make a difference.

Responsibility and performance reconciled (at last)!


Our player is entirely developed in-house and is hosted on our carbon-neutral servers.

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Viously has developed the best performing video player on the market to optimize Internet user and brand experience.

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Qualitative and growing advertising inventories.

Our unique technology and services, used by nearly 50 publishers, generate more than 200 million views per month. They are selected by an editorial board according to strict quality criteria (content, target audience, placement).

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Do you have marketing goals?

Branding, Engagement, Sales. We have the solution.

Context is king!

Our ads are targeted and delivered in the optimal context thanks to the most powerful targeting solutions on the market and enriched data.

Qualitative environments for your ads.

All videos are In-stream Pre-roll and each ad is broadcasted in a “brand safe” environment.

To do so, Viously works with to ensure brand safety for your campaigns.

How do you like to buy advertising?

Our advertising spaces are available in Programmatic (Preferred deal) or Managed service depending on your needs and your organization.

Scale is uselesswithout our experts

We help you set up and optimize your campaigns to ensure a positive return on investment.

We have the trust of major brands.

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